news production

mos gateway and playout control

 IVS SerCon helps to explore Octopus‘s NRCS possibilities. Based on it’s running order we can control both automatically and manually the video- or CG servers and prompters. Optionally IVS SerCon can be equipped with studio controller addons, and adaptable to a wide array of news workflows.

broadcast graphics


 Based on real-time data analysis, IVS Elek is capable of creating stunning electoral broadcasts. The appearance is powered by interactive technologies and Augmented Graphic solutions. Apart from our own IVS Engine, IVS Elek supports 3rd party graphics systems as well. We offer customized graphics to meet all expectations.

virtual production

real-time chroma keyer

  Virtual production is the composition of physical and digital worlds.
We came up with a set of solutions such as software based real-time chroma keyer, optomechanical tracking products or augmented reality solutions.



 The FlowMaster software bundle provides a wholesome and reliable playlist management, with CiaB solutions and workgroup applications. The workflow is fully customizable while connected to the Rohde & Schwarz Venice video server.

About Us

Akatona Technologies

Akatona Technologies Ltd. is developing innovative broadcast and AV solutions since 1992.

We have two main strategic partners: Octopus with their NRCS system, and Rohde & Schwarz with their Venice video server. We offer several applications to support these systems, creating wholesome and reliable newsroom environment.
Our goal is to support content-providers with reliable and easy-to-use solutions to create the latest, most advanced looks.